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We spent some time this weekend picking out paint and getting the baby room set up. I will have those pictures up this evening. I know I was supposed to do it yesterday evening but I was too tired by the time we finished with everything.

We are going to paint the room old style Pooh and we were originally thinking that we would do sunshine yellow walls. But we saw one of those Disney propaganda pamphlets that has examples of a room that was done with a Pooh theme and it was blue and green so we bought a gallon of the blue and two quarts of two different greens and put some paint up to decide on colors. Once we got it on the walls the darker one looked nicer and we actually decided to go with the darker green against our initial inclination. The lighter green looked too much like our kitchen green anyway.

So far we have pulled down all the wallpaper (it was much easier than I thought it would be), removed the door with molding, the window molding and tonight I will remove the baseboard molding. We taped a halfway point on the walls (top is blue bottom is the green) and put down plastic. I am also going to paint the top of one wall the blue tonight. I’m hoping to do half a wall a night so that most of it is done during the week and this weekend it will just be touch up.

The major problem we have run into so far is that the wall with the wallpaper on it has no texture so I bought some texture in a spray can to see if I can duplicate our wall texture myself. If not I am going to call in the guy that patched the wall downstairs after the flood. All that happened about a month after we had the downstairs painted and they had to cut into the wall to see if they could find the broken pipe. The guy that patched it did so well I can’t even tell and I know exactly where it was cut into.

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We had another ultrasound on December 29th and we have posted new photos. I will have another post this evening because we are starting to redo the baby room. Not time right now.

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Sherri and I are pregnant. We are at 18 weeks right now and we had our first “official” ultrasound today so I have scanned the pictures and posted them in my photo gallery.

The only thing more annoying than a a new parent is the new parent that is a geek and posts photos on the Internet. I get to, possibly, annoy millions of people.

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I have changed hosts to host our website. I formerly used VIA.Networks but they were purchased by Clara. So now I have moved to dreamhost. We’ll see how this one works out.

So far I really like their features. I can host up to 3 domains here and up to, about, 15 sub-domains. I get a Linux server with a shell account and some nice one-click software like this nifty little blog, and a wiki.